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20% Off Promotional Code on Select Products

20% Off Promotional Code on Select Products

  • Tatyana Johnson

Hello everyone!

We want to start off by saying how grateful we are for our customers and prospects! You all have made the launch of the store a HUGE success, and we really appreciate all of the referrals, interactions with promotional offers, and continuous support. We could not make any of this possible without all of you! And you already know that we LOVE giving out discounts! So, to celebrate our debut and show our sincere appreciation for all of your support, WE HAVE RELEASED AN EXCLUSIVE PROMOTIONAL CODE FOR 20% OFF SELECT PRODUCTS!! The code to use at checkout is debut2019You read that correctly! Whether you choose one product or multiple, EACH ITEM (if qualified) will be 20% off! This offer has no strings attached and does not require you to subscribe to our newsletter. This discount code applies to everyone as well! The offer starts today and ends February 25, 2019. Please make sure to leave feedback on purchases because think about’re our TOP priority! We want to make sure that you are receiving the UTMOST satisfaction with our products! Feel free to contact us on any inquiries, concerns, or suggestions, and make sure to connect with us on Pinterest:, Facebook: @hourpriority, and subscribe to our email newsletter for updates! Thank you for stopping by!

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Written By: Tatyana Johnson

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