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New Buying Options, Checkout Updates, Currency Updates, & More!

New Buying Options, Checkout Updates, Currency Updates, & More!

  • Tatyana Johnson

Hello world!

These past three months have been a blast! We genuinely thank all of you for your support and patronage, and we love that you enjoy being our main priority!

We're always here to serve you because without you, Interiority wouldn't be growing so fast!

We're stopping by to give you all a few updates on the store that we have recently put into effect!

First, we have altered our buying options! We no longer accept Diner's Club, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and JCB payments. These were payment methods that we found the majority of our customers not utilizing often, so we decided to cut them altogether. For International customers, you can pay with any major credit/debit card such as Visa. You can also pay with a PayPal account at checkout. For USA customers, you can pay with any major credit/debit card such as Visa. PayPal, however, is not available for USA customers.

Second, we have decided to remove our "buy now" button! Since we are a home decor/home and garden store, we understand that we do not sell the typical "buy it within seconds, receive it within a few days" products. Some of our products are not as pricey such as our paintings and figurines. However, you are our first and main priority. We do not want you to "impulse" buy on our products; your decisions should take authentic thought and planning. We're not trying to tell you how to live, but we believe in thoughtful decision-making, and we would be disappointed if our products dissatisfy you. We really hope you understand our point of view!

Third, we've changed the location of our currency converter! This change only applies to our international customers. On desktop devices, our currency converter is on the right-hand side, below the cart icon. On mobile devices, the currency converter is on the main menu (3-line icon on the left-side of any page on the website) under the "Contact Us" page. Your local currency should change automatically when you enter the website, but in case you need to change it, we wanted to make sure you knew where it was! Be sure to contact us with any questions concerning this!

Lastly, we have improved the checkout process for international customers! For a while, we have been trying to implement a more consistent checkout for you all. It has been an arduous process, but we've finally figured out what exactly would fit your needs! We now have a ONE page checkout instead of THREE pages! WHOO-HOO!! The checkout process is now a lot easier to use, and we show the payment options we accept right at checkout so you won't have to look at the footer of the page! Also, you can now see the amount owed in your local currency at checkout! HOORAY!!! Our checkout is SSL encrypted and your information is safe with us!  

In terms of our USA customers, we unfortunately still have a THREE PAGE checkout. "BOOOO!" Yeah, we know. We're working on a way to make checkout more convenient for you as well! Don't fret! We understand how hardening taxes can be in the states. We don't know if you know this, but ALL of our products are TAX FREE no matter the price of the product! The only tax that you will pay at checkout will be in your home state. We also offer FREE shipping as well! And with our 15% discount going on right now, we think our American customers will still love us!

Our voyage with Interiority has been a crazy ride, but you all have made it so much more worthwhile! We genuinely love each and every one of our customers and prospects! You all are the best!

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