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Get 15% Off Entire Order + Free Shipping Worldwide!

  • Tatyana Johnson


How are you feeling today? Since the month of February is over, we want to introduce a new deal to prioritize your pockets!

We love giving out deals, right? We're glad that you already had that in mind! We want you to enjoy 15% off orders over $100 plus free shipping worldwide! We wanted to bring Spring a little earlier for you all with a fresh deal for our at-home decor!

If you're wondering why we decided to continue giving out free shipping, this is why: we did a survey of our prospects and current customers and let their voice speak as loud as possible. We saw that shipping prices overseas and even in the United States can be quite a burden. We genuinely care what you think, and we're determined to take care of you and your needs!

We love each and every one of you, whether you are a prospect or a customer! Thank you for visiting our store, and thank you for being our FIRST priority!


Your Interior, Our Priority!

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Written By: Tatyana Johnson

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