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Holiday Sale Starts 11/14!

Holiday Sale Starts 11/14!

  • Tatyana Johnson

How's it going, Interior Lovers?

As always, we are back with another blog post update! Thank you to everyone who participated in our Fall Sale! We are stoked that we were able to meet your decor needs with professionalism and grace! We believe the sale was a success; plus, we got the chance to do something we always wanted to do...PRIORITIZE YOU.

All things considered, let us prioritize you again for our Holiday Sale! We're offering a storewide discount from 11/14/2021 to 12/27/2021! Of course, this includes free shipping! Gift your family and friends with elegant home decor products at a low cost! And if you purchase 2 or more items, you will receive a discount code to your email for a free item! 

Please keep in mind that you can still opt for installment payments (Shop Pay) with the sale! Just choose the Shop Pay option at checkout. Just make sure the item is:

  • Between $50 - $1,000
  • Participating in the sale


Make sure to also follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook for more updates regarding the sale! Thank you to all of our social media communities as well! We're still growing our presence on social media, but even in the midst of that, we have a loving and thoughtful community, and we couldn't ask for more! Thank you for your continued support over the past few years, and we are so excited to see what the future holds!


Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!


Your Interior, Our Priority!

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