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Update on Our Instagram Fiasco!

Update on Our Instagram Fiasco!

  • Tatyana Johnson

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by to check in with us!

As you may know from our previous blog post, Instagram deleted our page at 4.0K followers last month. Confused as to why it happened, we currently do not have an explanation from the Instagram team for the cause of the deletion of our original Instagram page @hourpriority.

We also mentioned in our last blog post that we would create another page, and update you with any changes to our content, traffic size, and page layout! Well, guess what? We did it! Here is a peek into our new Instagram page @hourpriority.247:

  • The page layout is VERY different. Since we had to start over, we wanted to make your social media experience with us as visual as possible, and we felt that we could come across a lot more pictorial than before. When we now post, there are individual color schemes, followed by large, 9-square images on our products! We plan to do this with each product we post, including previously posted products.

  • We're following and interacting a lot more. Truthfully, we did not post as consistent as we should have on our old Instagram page. Although we had 4.0K followers, we saw a lot of our social media marketing as competition and not a community. We always interacted with our customers and prospects, but now, we do not mind following you back, liking your photos, and commenting as well! We're all family at Interiority, and we DEFINITELY want you to feel like family as well, whether you visit our website or follow us on social media.

  • We're getting close to 200 followers already! Since last month, we've gained a consistent 120 followers, although we're currently recovering from our Instagram catastrophe. If you ask us, that's pretty impressive! YOU continue to be our main and only priority, so we understand that we needed to improve the way we presented ourselves in order to make your shopping experience phenomenal!

Well, that wraps it up! We thank you again for all of your patronage, support, and loyalty! We really couldn't survive without our main priority: YOU. If you want to visit our social media pages, check out the bottom of this page! If you have any additional questions about products, new releases, or simply on the company, feel free to send us an email at! You'll always be our FIRST priority! Happy shopping!

Your Interior, Our Priority!


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Written By Tatyana Johnson
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