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We've Moved... Our Website Address!

We've Moved... Our Website Address!

  • Tatyana Johnson

Hello there! We hope you're feeling amazing today!

As you may know, Interiority has been performing some major changes to our website for the convenience of our customers. We are always trying to keep you up-to-date about anything that has to do with us because you're our main priority!

Last month, we made impactful changes to our currency and language options for our international customers. We received a lot of positive feedback from these changes, and we plan to implement more changes for all of our customers. We want to make your shopping experience unforgettable, so we've added more features to our website!

"Hol' up! You added more stuff?!" Indubitably, we have.

So far this month, we added TWO new features to our website.

The first is our new buy button feature! Say goodbye to cart confusion and say hello to concise checkout! This new feature allows you to go straight to checkout, making your shopping experience easy and stress-free. Our current discount of 15% off plus FREE shipping is still in effect! You should find this useful when deciding to become our first priority!

The second is also a very important feature: our website address. We wanted to make it more convenient for your search, so we've shortened the link! Our website address changed from to!

You're probably asking, "Why is this an important change to announce? Couldn't we just find that on our own?" Yes; you're correct, but we wanted to inform you of this change in case you attempt to navigate to our old website address and redirect to our new one. This can cause confusion, and it would sadden us if we lost your interest in our brand because you were not familiar with the website address. At Interiority, we always want to keep you in the loop on any changes we make because you come first, always!

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Thank you for stopping by! You're our MAIN priority!

Your Interior, Our Priority!

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