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What the %#@$: Our Instagram Deleted At 4.0K Followers!!

What the %#@$: Our Instagram Deleted At 4.0K Followers!!

  • Tatyana Johnson

How is everyone feeling today?

Yesterday, we discovered that our Instagram page magically deleted at 4,000 followers. What an inconvenience, right? In any case, we wanted to announce this to our customers and prospects since we have visitors from our social media pages.

We are unaware of the reasoning behind our page being deleted. We never posted abusive content or offensive content to our followers. We believe Instagram decided to disable our page on behalf of someone spamming us with reports to the Instagram team. This has occurred on a few occasions with other businesses similar to ours; it just so happens that we received the lesser end of that spectrum. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do to obtain our previous page. However, one thing for sure is WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU. We plan to build another Instagram page!

We wish to implement a few changes on our Instagram page! Some of those changes may include: differential image layout, all NEW products, a section for products that sell out, and much more! We want to enable the easiest, most aesthetically pleasing layout of our page. In this instance, Instagram is sort of doing us a favor by helping us improve to have quality updates!

We will write a follow-up blog post about our new Instagram page that will include the new @ name we chose, what we have posted so far, how fast we're growing, and much more! Remember to follow and/or like our Facebook page and follow our Pinterest page for ideas and product releases! Thank you for your continued support!  

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Written By: Tatyana Johnson

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