Where Have You Been, Interiority?!

Where Have You Been, Interiority?!

  • Tatyana Johnson

How have YOU been?

Yes, we know that it has been a while since you heard something from us. We're sorry about that! But, don't worry. We're not dying or anything! 

On the contrary, we decided to take a mini, brief break from posting and blogging as much for two very important and distinct reasons. 

The first reason we decided to take a 3-month break from blogging and posting is due to the relocation of the store. The owners of Interiority Home Decor relocated to Chicago, IL. Yes, we are no longer based in Rockford, IL, and we will be making necessary changes and announcing them very soon in a subsequent blog post. It has been a tough transition trying to maintain the management of the store while adapting to a new environment. We wanted to make sure that when we came back to serve you, everything will be squared away. Plus, we respect your time and patronage very much, so we wanted you to have all the details about us and necessary contact information. 

The second reason is because we wanted to strategize and create better and more convenient ways to serve your needs. We are always doing market research (that's the basis of why we love serving you) because we always want to know how we can prioritize you better in the future. We have been outsourcing for more creative ways to display our products and offers to you because after all, you're our MAIN priority. 

Don't worry; we don't plan to take another internal strategy break nor will we relocate anywhere else. If we do, we will make sure to make an announcement early on, so we're all on the same page!

You can still always contact us if you have any product requests, website navigation questions, or if you would like to share some feedback! 

We will be announcing our new collection soon as well, so make sure you're looking out for our future updates! 


Your Interior, Our Priority!

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Email - hourpriority247@gmail.com

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Written By Tatyana Johnson
Cover photo by: https://steemit.com/comeback/@danishusman/i-come-back-on-steem-after-2-monts

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